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Nobbys Arc has been designed as a casual yet funky venue. It’s been a popular hangout for locals and well worth the trip for visitors who are coming to enjoy the laid back atmosphere. The restaurant mixes the raw edged industrial glamour of the bar with a cosy warm touch to the dining area. Nobbys Arc boasts a modest yet decadent menu with all meals being designed to share at ease to compliment the relaxed atmosphere. However the food is only the beginning to gaining a full experience of the Arc, where there is food there must be drink.

The well equipped bar serves a wide variety of local and international boutique beers in addition to their wine selection and mouth-watering cocktail selection.


All in all Nobbys Arc appeals to the young, old, families and couples, it’s the ultimate place to come for a meal, drink or both!

Our location

Nobby’s Arc lies at the foot of North Nobby.

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